Penalty for Late Payment of Dues
Adopted by the LGPA Board on October 7, 2009

Pursuant to Article III-C (Membership) of the LGPA Amended & Restated Bylaws, last amended October 9, 2008, the Board has the option of imposing a penalty for late payment of dues by members. The deadline for payment of dues is March 30th, and if payment is not received within six months following such deadline, membership is cancelled.

The Board decided at its October 7, 2009 meeting to establish a late fee of $15 for dues received after the deadline of March 30th. If the member does not pay the regular dues and the late fee within 6 months of the March 30th deadline, his or her membership will be cancelled and a new application for membership must be submitted in order to be reinstated as a member.

Refund upon Cancellation of Conference Registration
Adopted by the LGPA Board on October 7, 2009

WHEREAS, the LGPA Board wishes to encourage its members to register several months in advance of the annual conference, for conference planning purposes; and

WHEREAS, the Board recognizes that members understandably want some guarantee that they will not be penalized if they register early but need to cancel the registration for good cause; and

WHEREAS, LGPA must guarantee to the conference facility a certain level of attendance or face monetary penalties, and late cancellations of registrations affect such guarantees; now, therefore

The Board hereby establishes a policy that a refund of the conference registration fee will be granted if the LGPA Treasurer receives the request for a refund in writing at least 14 calendar days prior to the beginning date of the conference (by e-mail or first class mail). If the member cancels the registration less than 14 calendar days before the conference, no refund shall be given except under special circumstances (family emergency, medical condition, etc.) at the sole discretion of the Board.

Increased Conference Registration Fee for Non-LGPA Members
Adopted by the LGPA Board on April 9, 2010

WHEREAS, the annual educational conference hosted by LGPA is a valuable benefit to all local government paralegals; and

WHEREAS, currently the conference registration fee structure does not offer a lower registration fee for LGPA members vs. non-LGPA members, and the LGPA Board wishes to create that benefit for LGPA members; and

WHEREAS, the LGPA Board has discussed the matter at its mid-year board meeting on April 9, 2010; now, therefore

The LGPA Board hereby establishes a policy that the conference registration fee for persons who are not members of LGPA will be $25 higher than the fee set for registrants who are LGPA members at the time of registration.